Executive Coaching

Management ConsultancyWhether you are considering changes to your executive journey, facing personal challenges or deciding how you wish to shape your legacy, a confidential independent voice of experience is invaluable.

The best executive coaching requires two core tools. A mirror and a torch. We often don’t find time to step back and reflect on where we sit in relation to our intended journey. And when we do, our time is often called upon again before we have had a chance to design and commit to a new path. Committing to an Executive Coach is the same as committing to a Personal Trainer. The process itself ensures you deliver to yourself, something you know you want and need.

You should only engage an Executive Coach once respect, trust and confidence are established. Recognising this we suggest an initial meeting for you to meet your coach and decide whether this is someone who you feel can support you in your personal work choices, before you commit to the process. Contact us confidentially and we will set up the first step to supporting you on the next stage of your journey.
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‘Finding someone you can trust enough for this level of coaching is a challenge. Having found that with Philip at Fox Manning Group, I have been able to move forward with renewed clarity and look forward to continuing with our discussions’
Richard Putley, Executives in Africa